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Hubert de Givenchy, an unseen Exhibition at the City of Lace and Fashion in Calais

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Calais: the city of lace and fashion, lets us live an exceptional moment with m. hubert de givenchy in the flesh, as part of an exposition which retraces his design career.(interviews)this harmony sought in the most beautiful items, gave birth to a couture house in 1952 which attracted many clients who have remained very loyal to the designer for more than 40 years.(interview)exhibition hubert de givenchycity of lace and fashion - 135, quai su commerce, 62100 calaisuntil 31st december 2017interviews:eloy martinez de la pera celeda: we kind of wanted to tell the story of hubert de givenchy through the clothes, but not in chronological order. we really wanted to introduce the concept of harmony and beauty, something that he always spoke about.hubert de givenchy : this is what matters the most, the harmony. things must be harmonious in everyday life, if possible, starting from, i would say, the detail of the shoe, the earring, the attitude of the model, in order to show the garment. eloy martinez de la pera celeda: there’s an alpha and omega in the exposition. the alpha is the bettina blouse, that’s his first piece, his first creation dating from 1952, and the omega of the exposition is the bride, normally it’s at the end of the show; it’s the best and most important creation for a woman, her wedding dress.we started with jackie kennedy, then the duchess of windsor and above all, audrey hepburn. this gives us the opportunity to present pieces which belonged to her that are truly magnificent. see the "breakfast at tiffany's" or "how to steal a million" outfits, which are really iconic pieces.40 years of creations, like a "tribute", an homage, to the people he loved very much in his career in haute couture.hubert de givenchy: i have to say that fashion is first of all a dream, but it’s, at its core, trying to do everything possible to embellish a woman, make her more attractive, even more seductive and i’m a happy man because i have done what i’ve always dreamed of doing since i was a child.music in the public domain : bandit & nikit