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Chanel - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director : karl lagerfeld location : grand palaisambiance : launch centre with a chanel rocket ready to take off!collection : space inspires the designer, with a lot of embroidery like constellations, metallic materials for the quilted shoulder warmers. the bermuda shorts are the new flagship piece which is even worn under a skirt. the trousers are high waisted and three quarter length. the fluidity is present through the chiffon dresses printed with cosmonauts. the chanel suit is available in cosy and enveloping fabrics, in rock colours (grey, black). the xxl houndstooth imposes its graphics for the long coats.the men’s is also shown on this catwalk of the future accompanied by karl lagerfeld’s young godson, moving everyone with his big chanel bag and his little ivory jacket. to note : the embroidered headband, the glittered boots, the new handbag in the form of rocket. interviews : sofia coppolaanytime you see something visually exciting and unique like that, i was really surprised and it was fun to see, and i always love to see what is in karl’s imaginationchanel is such an iconic brand and i remember as a teenager i was doing a chanel internship, just coco chanel and the history of french fashion that i’ve always loved.baptiste giabiconi:i do not know where we went but in any case i found it was incredible, once again karl will surprise us show after show, also with a surprising collection, and it’s always a great pleasure for me to be a part of these great times. it’s been almost nine years that i’ve known them so it’s basically a family, we all know each other, there is kindness, it is very pleasant, we are pampered, so you just need to do your job and to do it well, it's cool.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)