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Tibi - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer : amy smilovicambiance : like a house of colours, in a concrete room. silhouette : the masculine codes are taken back and feminized with details. the shoulders are marked, straps are added to close a jacket. a marine suit opens the show. the sleeves are gathered and one shoulder is bare. a tartan jacket is put together with a mini skirt. the faint colours around bronze and midnight blue.to note : the silk asymmetric dresses and tops with big collars. interview with amy smilovic :we really start with the same process each time, and we really look at what we are in the mood to wear, and i think this season it was a lot about menswear, details, and then once i sort of figure that out, it’s about stopping and figuring out what’s making me really interested in menswear and right now it’s more important than ever that a woman has that perfect outfit, that armor that makes her feel so great and so strong and so confident, no matter what she’s doing in life whether she at home, in a park in the office. i grew up in the nineties with that donna karen suit and that was always my source of strength and we really wanted to play that up in the collection. it’s not really about a comfort which is laying in front of a fireplace, it’s a comfort which you feel when you look great and nothing is restricting you and nothing is making you feel unnatural and that’s what we wanted the clothing to do.i would describe the tailoring as quite rigid and the textures are very soft so it’s that balance that i’m always looking for. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)