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Exclusive interview with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac : the experience

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Exclusive interview with jean-charles de castelbajachis history, life and future in 10 episodes 1. jean-charles de castelbajac : the experience interview with jean-charles de castelbajacalthough we must never speak of the past, when i made jumpers with cartoons at iceberg, the only knitwear that existed at the time was the diamond which came from england or the zig zag which came from missoni, so there weren’t a lot, and i always liked this pop culture, this culture of images and cheap things, i liked and i have always liked using the cheapest things and honoring them, like mops, comics, and i realized that it was a revolution, but it was a revolution with fashionistas, and that’s why the stories behind clothes are very touching. and then in the 90s, i was a beautiful loser, no one loved me at the end of the 90s, it was "jean charles with his head in the clouds", you must remember : everything was black, there was a porno chic that i didn’t like, there were logos everywhere, naomi klein was leading the way etc so my fashion of course has had its highs and lows, and i was old news back then. and then, one day, my friend, malcom mclaren, says to me “we are going to meet in new york”, so ok, we meet in new york, i arrive in new york, and i wasn’t on 5th avenue anymore or at sachs… so we went to the bronx, to see a concert of a man called : afrika bambaataa and there, during the concert, i was stupefied, i saw all these black people who were wearing my iceberg jumpers and then, i realised that in fact when you create sincerely, when you liberate yourself, when you give way to creativity , a day will always come when you are shown a strong sign to remind you of your path. music free of right : bandit & nikit