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Philipp Plein - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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A boxing ring in the centre of the room with the inscription “warriors” announces the colour. philipp plein’s shows always put emphasis on the view. the rapper snoop dogg kicks off the music for this urban and sporty collection, with multiple layers of sweaters, jackets, often brightened up by rhinestones and metal highlights. black, grey and khaki dominate the whole wardrobe. to note: led illuminating soles on sneakers. decorating jackets and t-shirts, 3d graphic elements, graphic logos, fierce head of a panther embroidered with crystals and gothic motifs give a real identity and strong force to the clothes, which appeal to philipp plein’s young clientele. inetrview: philipp plein: this collection is inspired by the sport. and when you have two teams on the field, let’s say two soccer teams, it’s a fight and the players become warriors - in a certain way more than warriors. the same as when you have two boxers fighting against each other, or two tennis players. whenever you do a sport normally you are in competition with someone else. so, you become automatically a warrior. it’s a street style sport collection which i have designed and created for the catwalk. you will see football shirts made entirely out of crocodile leather, never seen before. we have the football/baseball shirts for 35,000 euros running in the store completely in crocodile, or in python, we have the jumper, so it’s a very luxury collection. we take the normal things that you can normally buy in the shop for 50$ and i created and changed it and it becomes very very luxury. i think a man has to feel like a man, and the man of today has changed. the man today is much more open to fashion than a few years before, there is a big revolution going on. with women, not really but especially in the man world fashion has changed so much. today you can see men wearing shoes full of studs or swarovski crystals, you could not imagine this maybe 10 years ago. but today men are much more open minded. so it’s very interesting to be a part of this evolution.music from the show