Love Island effect kicks in again as brand awareness soars

We've seen further evidence of the impact that exposure on hit TV show Love Island can have on fashion brands with a new study showing that this year's main sponsor, I Saw It First, has received a huge boost in awareness since the new series went on air.

Love Island/I Saw It First

Online branded merchandise specialist Purplemoonpromo has dug into the impact of the product placements consumers have seen on the show, plus the personal social media pages of the islanders, and surveyed 1,210 consumers (974 females, 236 males). It found that 69% of consumers in the UK hadn't ever heard of the brand I Saw It First before they watched the show this year.

And it said that the brand gained almost 50,000 new followers in the month of June, when Love Island started. The survey found that 45% of respondents are now following the label after watching the programme, with only 11% following it before Love Island started.

And importantly, 27% of those surveyed said they had bought something from the brand after seeing its ads on the show, which has been attracting audiences of almost 6 million.

Looking at the wider impact across a variety of different labels, the study showed that 41% of Britons are “curious to find out more about a brand after seeing product placements”. Admittedly, 42% also said that they get annoyed about product placements or don't care about them, but when you add the 41% who want to find out more to the 17% who say they’re more inclined to buy from that label, it all adds up to a significant turnover boost.

It's interesting that 58% actually think a brand "is more trustworthy if it’s being promoted by a show or social media influencers,” which easily beats the 36% who completely disagree and the 6% who aren't sure.

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