Vyrill releases first beauty industry study on UGC influencer activity

User generated content (UGC) analytics firm Vyrill has released the first study on beauty influencer activity for paid and organic consumer-created content. The survey quantifies content areas by major beauty categories.

UGC Video Beauty Infographic - Vyrill

"As we know consumers post a tremendous amount of video each day about their favorite beauty products, however, until now marketers never understood the specific composition throughout the category," explained Ajay Bam CEO and co-founder of Vyrill in a statement.

Vyrill's inaugural study covered content produced in Q1 of 2018 and found that 85% of consumers trust a YouTube influencer's product recommendation or review. Content creation spiked both right after the New Year and around Valentine's Day.

Other highlights of the first survey show that over 28% of all beauty influencer videos on YouTube cover foundations, fixatives, powders, blushers, rouges and bases. Face was the top beauty category, followed by hair, lip, and then body. Almost a quarter of all influencer activity focuses on eye makeup.

Bam explained the survey is meant to give beauty marketers information to "make more informed decisions about how to optimize their brand video and influencer strategy."

Vyrill will publish its UGC influencer activity study quarterly. Going forward the San Francisco-based firm will break down data by product, category, brand and competition.

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