Jesse Williams and Nicki Minaj star in H&M's fairytale campaign video

Wednesday, November 29, fashion retailer H&M revealed a new short film, directed by Johan Renck, promoting its Holiday 2017 collection. With this fairytale film -- showing the courage and heroism of a little girl who has to stop Santa's evil brother -- the Swedish clothing giant delivers a heartwarming message of generosity for the festive season. Watch the film online at

With the holidays just around the corner, festive fashion and beauty ads are dropping thick and fast. The latest magical holiday campaign comes from Swedish clothing giant H&M, starring Jesse Williams -- a sexy surgeon from "Grey's Anatomy" -- alongside rapper Nicki Minaj and "The Big Lebowski" actor John Turturro.

Told like a modern-day fairytale, the ad features a couple, played by Jesse Williams and Nicki Minaj, and their daughter. As the father invents a bedtime story for his litttle girl, viewers are plunged into a magical parallel world, where Nicki Minaj plays the Wisest Thingy, Jesse Williams is the Fastest Fairy and John Turturro plays Santa and his evil brother.


"It's exciting to see our festive designs come to life together with such inspirational talents. They definitely added some extra magic to the film, and we hope that our customers will love how the fashion is presented throughout the holiday season at H&M," Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M's head of design and creative director, said in a statement.


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