Jean Paul Gaultier creates a line of 15 new designer wallpapers for Lelièvre

Jean Paul Gaultier has just created 15 new colorful wallpaper designs for French fabrics house Lelièvre. The wallcoverings are based on the history of his original and whimsical fashion designs, with many colorful prints lifted from his most memorable patterns over the years – translated into brand new color schemes for interior walls.

Gaultier clearly sees fashion relating to wallcoverings – and vice versa. “Completing a wardrobe or an interior space requires the same approach,” the designer said via press release. “Wallpaper is both traditional and innovative at the same time . . . . We know that [it has] the same level of craftsmanship as we have in our haute couture fashion!"
This isn’t Gaultier’s first collaboration with Lelièvre – in 2012, he worked with them to design special fabrics and home accessories in his signature irreverent – and very French – style. But now customers can actually live - and sleep - in Jean Paul Gaultier, with his designs on their walls.

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